World without oil

The United Nations-led talks in Marrakesh last November brought countries to commit to a timeline for the gradual conversion of fossil fuel-based societies to green energy havens.

Initially, this would lead to the speedy recovery of oil prices, which have suffered a decline over the past three years due to a massive supply gut.

A World Without Oil: The Aftermath

The essential services such as coal delivery and emergencies are still operational; surviving on the ever dwindling oil reserves, everything else is at a standstill. In a world without oil, scenes like this would be commonplace across the world.

What Would Life Be Like Without Oil?

This is a massive blow for the US, who is the biggest oil importer in the world. Without chemical oil-based pesticides and fertilizers, farmers would have to resort to organic farming practices, which would not only make the price of the foods rise tremendously, but also push us to adapt to the different types of meals, depending on the seasons.

What remains is World without oil the oil that exists in government or private inventories — extremely limited in quantity.

Weave us into a possible future. As a result, Houstonians and the residents of municipalities with similar economic makeups and zoning patterns have become dependent on cars to get groceries and go to work; in short, to live life.

In a world without oil, cars like these will become more common. The World without oil markets remain firmly shut, and unemployment has risen swiftly up to an astonishing 30 per cent.

On farms, the loss of oil is even more dramatic, over the last fifty years farming has become industrial, with many containing hundreds if not thousands of cows and other livestock. Most ARGs can be said to offer authorship to players primarily in terms of execution and performance, and only secondarily in terms of design.

Best of all, it was compellingly fun. People will have to survive a bitter northern hemisphere winter. So far, we have only discussed the impacts of an oil-less world to everyday Americans and comparable developed countries. Oil and gas has had a stronghold on Texas economics sincewhen the Powell Field was discovered in Corsicana.

Over the last years we have taken about a trillion barrels from the Earth, and most experts forecast that the equivalent of another trillion should still be there for us to extract. But the biggest geopolitical upheavals will occur in countries across Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Doomsday Scenario: A World Without Oil

The game was undertaken in a spirit of optimism, and while players were encouraged not to discount the sobering enormity of the problem it supposed, attention was focused via character rhetoric and mission content, for example on the creation of small strategies.

Across the oceans, huge tankers carrying millions of barrels of oil are on the move, but not in the usual direction. On average, an adult male human needs aroundcalories to see him through a winter, thus the regular acquisition of fresh meat is a necessity for survival. A world without oil forces governments around the world to make tough and brutal decisions.

In the United States, employers who require the physical presence of their employees to get work done will be the most disadvantaged.

In WWO, the game was not to find what was hidden, but to imagine the virtual. The loss of planes, trains and ships also spells disaster for the delivery of cargo, overtonnes of cargo will lie stranded, probably never to be delivered.

Florida is still in a state of blackout; the emergency fuel gets the trains running again, but instead of people they carry food. The crisis is only just beginning. Anybody could play by creating a personal story — an email or phone call, or for advanced users a blog post, video, photo, podcast, twitter, whatever — that chronicled the imagined reality of their life in the crisis.

Growing food locally will likely become commonplace, as the fuel needed to bring fruits and vegetables to markets becomes better utilized to operate other necessary machines. These states will be able to exploit the savings to keep it together as they spearhead internal economic revolutions without oil.

Data Protection Choices

In the event that oil disappears altogether, nations such as Algeria, Venezuela and Nigeria, with no plans to diversify away from fossil fuel production as the core of the national economy, will be left rudderless.

Plastic is used in latex gloves, syringes, sterilized packaging and also comprises the surgical components used in hip, joint and heart operations. This is why hundreds of people have written about it, thousands of sites worldwide in dozens of languages link to WWO, and Google listspages related to the game.

In this case, should they tell the farmers to plant crops for food or fuel?

World Without Oil

Imagine that one night, just after the last parents finish tucking in their toddler after falling into a post-ice cream coma, that … poof! Abandoned vehicles block access, preventing emergency vehicles from dealing with the problem.

That will largely depend on how well people prepare, cooperate, and collectively create solutions, and before WWO, no one had ever thought to ask them what they might do. For many, there is no decision, as temperatures plummet, people flee en masse, heading south; in what is the biggest mass migration in human history.

Coal and natural gas, each taking a one-third share, dominate the American electricity generation market. Source 24 Hours Later News reports around the world confirm beyond doubt that all of the oil reserves below ground across the globe have disappeared.

However, the biggest impact would be on air travel, which is entirely dependent on jet fuel. Do they lie low and wait for winter to pass?However, a world without oil may well mean a world without hysterectomy, c-sections, brain tumour removal, chemotherapy, cataract surgery and all of the many life-saving World without oil life-improving treatments that we take for granted today.

Watch video · Rob Hopkins reminds us that the oil our world depends on is steadily running out. He proposes a unique solution to this problem -- the Transition response, where we prepare ourselves for life without oil and sacrifice our luxuries to build systems and communities that are completely independent of fossil fuels.

World Without Oil (WWO) is an alternate reality game (ARG) created to call attention to, spark dialogue about, plan for and engineer solutions to a possible near-future global oil shortage, post peak oil.

The world would clearly be cut off at the legs if all of the oil were to become nonexistent. Not just gas would go away, but almost all of our modern conveniences would too. WORLD WITHOUT OIL is a serious game for the public good.

WWO invited people from all walks of life to contribute “collective imagination” to confront a real-world issue: the risk our unbridled thirst for oil poses to our economy, climate and quality of life.

The serious alternate reality game that started it all. 'If you want to change the future, play with it first'.

World without oil
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