Traffic jam in a big city

Substandard materials[ edit ] This section needs to be updated. This is different than the situation with standing waves or with traffic waves. On the other hand, if there happens to be no jam in the merge zone, and if the cars can easily merge at high speed, then no jam appears.

Ironic that the angry people who push ahead as fast as possible might unwittingly participate in "amplifying" the very conditions that they hate so much. If your space is very large, or if several people bring in spaces, then that "plug" of cars will dissolve.

But more frequently, the person directly behind me is not a road-rager in the first place. If the traffic jam is on a highway leading to a highly-congested area, then by removing one jam we are increasing the capacity of that upstream highway.

However, this problem can be solved by adopting some measures. To "get there faster," back off and stop tailgating. By the time I arrived, the jam was significantly smaller than it had been. Traffic jams develop at a merge zone whenever the cars momentarily get so close together that there are no gaps between them.

One way that the professionals cure congestion is to install electronic speed-limit signs on highways leading to a city, then lower the speed limit on that section of highway.

Traffic Jam Paragraph

I could never force the cars ahead of me to stomp on the gas too, so I could do little to aid the "evaporation" of the traffic stoppage. After all, things are not "linear" in traffic flow, since those who sit at 0 mph for many minutes in a jam cannot compensate by driving at twice the speed limit afterwards.

When my antitraffic-pulse finally collided with the dense "traffic" of the jam, the two annihilated each other like a positron meeting an electron. As for traffic waves, the "stopped" part of a small wave can trigger a much larger jam if it moves past a merge-zone on a highway.

The highway is empty after you get past the jam. A follow-up reported on "extensive" leaks that were more severe than state authorities had previously acknowledged. They form a big plug, and aggressive drivers behind them cannot get to my big empty space. To avoid multiple relocations of train lines while the tunneling advanced, as had been initially planned, a specially designed jack was constructed to support the ground and tracks to allow the excavation to take place below.

Would the slowdown re-form? But the only way those cars could maintain large spaces is if they refused to pack together as they slowed down.

They had no choice but to slow. That often leaves a good driver behind me. Smart city drivers never block intersections, since blocked intersections will freeze all traffic permanently.

A traffic jam with no cause? - Webcam Locations

In front of them a vast open space appears. The big question is: Now I remember something from years back. Aha, one other point: However, it was changed into a mild slowdown, and it was spread backwards upstream over perhaps a mile of traffic.

I drove slower and slower, and in a panic I finally forced my way into a small gap, making the guy behind me jam on brakes. Instead do the opposite: They stop pushing slowly through the far end of the jammed lane. Traffic is going slow Everyone packs together and closes up the gaps Fast merging becomes impossible Incoming cars create a huge back-up Cars must slooooowly take turns merging This makes traffic go slow Go back to the top of the loop.Camden High Street Kentish Town Road London Traffic Weather Jam Cam London, Camden High Street Traffic Cam - Kentish Town Road Weather Cam - Camden - north-northwest London.

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Q: If all the slow drivers would just keep right, wouldn't the jam in the passing-lane go away? ANS: Let's reprhase that. "In a huge multi-lane traffic jam, if everybody would just move out of the passing lane, then I alone could drive really fast!" Obviously that's not going to happen.

Traffic jam in a big city
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