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The factor of maximum utilization ku The diversity factor ks. Preliminary information In most of the cases the project of the construction of a new substation must be submitted before any further detailed studies to the approval of the utility operating the MV network that will feed the substation. He shall indicate to the utility the acceptable frequency of the interruptions of the electricity and their durations.

Situation of the substation with regard to traffic lane Location of the substation inside the installation Dispositions foreseen for the unrestricted access of the utility operating staff Arrangement drawings showing clearly the location of the electrical equipment MV Switchboard, transformers, Metering panel,… Routing of MV cables Single line diagram and type of protections against phase to phase and phase to earth faults Main characteristics of electrical equipment Solution foreseen for the compensation of the reactive energy Principle of the earthing system Presence in the installation of a power generator operated in parallel with the MV network Etc.

Appleyard spent 25 years working for an investor-owned electric utility, where his responsibilities included the design, installation, and maintenance of relay protection systems and supervision of crews.

Degree of supply continuity required The consumer must estimate the consequences of a failure of supply in terms of: Among all information, the following are generally required: Information and requirements provided by the utility Based on Substation commissioning manual information provided by the consumer, the utility must provide his proposition, his commitment and his own requirements concerning the connection of the substation: Dave has extensive experience in protection system design and commissioning of substations and electrical systems from volts through kV.

Layout and arrangement drawings of the proposed substation The following information may be required: These two systems of LV distribution are widely used in most of the parts of the world.

The decision is mainly based on two criteria: Previously a senior maintenance planning engineer for Alliant Utilities, he has 27 years of experience in power delivery system planning, protection and control, maintenance, and substation design.

Fundamentals of Substation Equipment and Control Systems

David Herbst Supervising Engineer PE David Herbst has over 30 years of experience in designing, installing, and testing electric utility relay protection and control systems. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, Relion products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC standard.

In addition, this IED is capable of handling transformer feeders, generator and transformer blocks. It provides an extensive functionality with configuration opportunities and expandable hardware to meet your specific requirements.

The following chapters only refer to the construction of the substation by the owner of the electrical installation. The wide application flexibility makes these IEDs an excellent choice for both new and retrofit installations.

Other criteria such as the rate of availability of the electricity supply are also taken into account. If needed, they can also be easily adapted to meet the specific requirements of your power system. In most of the cases the utility must at least have unrestricted access to the metering and to the part of the substation ensuring the connection of the installation to the MV utility network.

The RED IEDs feature phase-segregated current differential protection with excellent sensitivity for high resistive faults and secure phase selection for up to five line terminals. Maximum anticipated power kVA demand The method of evaluation of this parameter is detailed in section Power loading of an installationit must take into account the future additional loads.

RED670 - Transmission line differential protection

These IEDs are equipped with complete functionality adapted for single pole breaker or multi-breaker arrangement with single or three phase tripping. The utility may require a separate room for the equipment dedicated to these two functions.

The Relion product family offers the widest Substation commissioning manual of products for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems. Dave spent 21 years working for an investor-owned electric utility. There are two possibilities for the construction of a substation dedicated to the supply of a new electrical installation: Are you looking for support or purchase information?

Two- or three-winding power transformers can be included in the protected zone. As described there, two factors associated to the loads are used in the proposed method: Teaching in courses starting: The distance to the primary substation that will feed the installation The total power required by the installation.Substation Commissioning Engineer jobs available on Apply to Commissioning Engineer, Field Engineer and more!

Substation Commissioning • New/replaced/repaired transformers. Substation Commissioning • Green field substation. Substation Commissioning • Control Devices.

Substation Commissioning • New relays or modified – Element testing can be accomplished via manual. Commissioning manual, Line differential protection RED version ANSI (English - pdf - Manual) Technical manual, Line differential protection RED version ANSI (English - pdf - Manual) Digital substations - Upgrading reliable sensor technology with a modern IEC process bus.

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the commissioning process for new substation equipment & protection schemes on the bulk electric system lawrence p. hayes firstenergy corp. This manual is intended to act as a handbook for commissioning works at substation site. The manual deals show more content There should be one riser for each leg of the supporting structure, in case of a three-phase breaker, and two risers for each structure, in case of a one-phase breaker.

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Substation commissioning manual
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