Starting a tour guide business plan

Ian Darkin is director of One Travellera specialist holiday company for single travellers who are over 50 Sign up to become a member of the Guardian Small Business Network here for more advice, insight and best practice direct to your inbox. If your business provides a service, you may also want to consider professional liability insurance.

So tourism businesses are a good bet. Do you have the means to fund your startup, or will you need to borrow money? A while back, people would dream of going to LA and make a day trip to Orange County, now that is reversed.

Source local suppliers Coach companies, hotels, restaurants and local guides — you name it, you will rely on exceptional local suppliers in all your destinations. The Phuthadikobo Museum in Mochudi will also be an attraction site.

A guide to conducting market research can be found on our sister site Business. Second, determine how many tours you can complete in a week.

However large the market ultimately becomes, the company strongly believes that travel will be an important component of this market place. Please send us your comments! Research on the insurance requirements and obtain the necessary policies; this information is available from insurance agencies and insurance brokers.

You need to know every interesting landmark of the location where you are starting the business. You need to get a business license because all business are required to get one. This shall involve tours to the main historical and cultural sites in and around Gaborone including Mokolodi Nature Reserve, Oodi and Mochudi Craft Villages, including the cultural dances.

It helps to specialise. What is the purpose of your business? Be warned that this route can directly affect your personal credit. Include a business summary with details such as funding, assets and a tour business location and the type of services and or products you will provide, how you will compare to your competition, price your service, and the projections related to tour such as income and expenses projections.

Establish business relationships with industry suppliers by identifying suppliers in hotel industry, car hire and bus companies and ticketing agencies. Throughly research every destination you visit, and work towards forming strong local connections. Market your business Marketing is important for any startup, and young tour operators are no exception.

How to Start a Tour Operating Company

The amount of the divident must be determined as you will also take into account whether you are getting a reasonable S corporation Salary.Tour guides provide tours for people interested in visiting popular locations or exceptional scenery. While tour guides may offer kayak, hiking, horseback, boat and driving tours, one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to start.

Starting your own travel tour agency but don’t know how to compile your business plan? Here’s an example of a dummy company’s business plan to. For example, starting a tour guide business in Myrtle Beach, SC is not a bad Idea given all the tourists there.

For example, shuttle tours are better as LLCs but also need a business license, a federal tax ID number and if selling any merchandise a seller's permit.

Double Decker Tours of Washington sightseeing bus tours business plan executive summary. Double Decker Tours of Washington will offer tours of Washington DC monuments, government buildings, museums, etc.

in London-style double-decker buses/5(17).

How to Start a Tour Guide Business

Tour guide business opportunity demands adequate knowledge of historical information and local culture about the location where you are starting the business.

This business is all about sharing the information about the places to a group of the people in an entertaining way. Starting a tour guide business is a profitable business venture, so if you want you can start with a small business like select any single business type mentioned earlier and later on move to the first option.

Starting a tour guide business plan
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