Persuasion in the play julius caesar by william shakespeare

He wonders in what sort of age they are living when one man can tower over the rest of the population. He repeated what he said, but changed the words around a little differently every time it was spoken. He shook hands with the conspirators indicating that he will take revenge on each of them one after the other.

Cassius has acted out of self-interest and now has angered Brutus by selling important offices for personal gain and refusing to send Brutus funds to raise an army. Cassius asks Brutus why he has not seemed himself lately.

Yet Brutus says he was ambitious and Brutus is an honourable man. Everyone seems to be trying to convince someone else of something: He disproves Brutus rather than talking against him with the knowledge that the crowd knows how much Brutus loved Caesar.

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Manipulation and Deception in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

Now Antony arrives at the location with the realisation of the knowledge that he is left with a daunting task if he is to turn the crowd against Brutus. The Republic was viewed as a high point in history, both by its participants and by those who came after, because its institutions divided power among a number of people senators and tribunes rather than concentrating it in one person.

He starts his speech in a formal manor. He talks about how immensely Caesar loved Brutus. In order to do that he indirectly attacks Brutus.

Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare Essay

Caesar pauses and asks the man to come forward; the Soothsayer repeats himself. The conspirators needed someone wise and of high knowledge. This built up tension between the plebeians as they were curious about the murder and why it occurred.

Mark Antony may not have been the greatest and most sincere friend to Caesar at the end of the play, but like him or not, you must hand it to him.

But he assures Cassius that even though his mind is at war with itself, he will not let his inner turmoil affect his friendships.

But Brutus makes the fatal error of allowing Antony to speak, because he is still deluded about himself and his own actions, clinging to the idea that he is the most honorable of Romans and that no one would dare dispute his honor. Most significantly, we see Cassius deliberately mislead Brutus by arranging to have fake notes left on his chair and thrown in at his window as if the people were encouraging him to rise against Caesar.

He praises Caesar for his leadership and being a great friend and so on. He individually talks about Brutus to emphasise on the fact that Brutus is being mistaken for being honourable.

Their impatience of hearing the will shows how clever Antony was to use the will in order to make the people go mad and make them think that Caesar loved them immensely. He is now respected an honoured by the people and has proven himself to be innocent as he has gained the trust of the citizens.

Caesar sees Cassius and comments to Antony that Cassius looks like a man who thinks too much; such men are dangerous, he adds. The plebeians decide to rebel against Brutus as they are outraged by the facts mentioned to them by Antony.

Perhaps repetition was one of the strong points of his speech. This was his first emotive approach tot the crowd to attain their sympathy. Persuasion Persuasion is a concept at the center of this play.I have studied Julius Caesar a play written by William Shakespeare.

I focused the study on act 3 scene 2 the speeches by Brutus and Antony. I am looking at the persuasive techniques used by the two speakers and why Antony's speech won over the crowd.

Julius Caesar

'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' is one of William Shakespeare's historical dramas. In the play, he explored themes relevant throughout the history of politics. Background to Julius Caesar. Persuasion and suggestion are rhetorical skills that play central roles in Julius Caesar, but they also highlight the willingness of individuals in hard times to hear what they want to hear (remind you at all of our own day and age?).

”Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare Essay Sample

It's often unclear whether characters are manipulated by others, or do they simply find in the speech of others an inspiration to do what they might otherwise have been too afraid. Act I, scene ii Summary: Act I, scene ii Caesar enters a public square with Antony, Calpurnia, Portia, Decius, Cicero, Brutus, Cassius, Casca, and a Soothsayer; he is followed by a throng of citizens and then by Flavius and Murellus.

”Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare Essay Sample. In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Mark Antony delivers a very strong and persuasive funeral oration in Caesar’s honor.

Antony himself was a trusted friend of Caesar and manipulated the conspirators of the play in thinking that he approved of their deed. At the beginning of the play the Republican mode of government is under serious threat, since Julius Caesar is ruling as a dictator and may soon be crowned as a king.

In fact, the Republic doesn’t dissolve with Caesar’s coronation, but rather with his murder.

Persuasion in the play julius caesar by william shakespeare
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