Organic foods is it worth it essay

Not only can they be found at most every neighborhood grocer, but even giants like Wal-Mart are getting into the act. The web site of the U. Asparagus, avocados, bananas, bread, broccoli, cauliflower, cereals, sweet corn, kiwi, mangos, oils, onions, papaya, pasta, pineapples, potato chips, and sweet peas.

Organic Food: Worth the Money?

Organic items worth buying if money is no object: Environmental Protection Agency EPA states that while pesticides carry some risks, especially for babies and kids, strict rules protect people from being exposed to too much pesticide residue.

Organic items worth buying as often as possible: She notes that some organic foods come from multinational companies and have been trucked across the country.

This label does not provide much information about the product. Besides, many people claim it tastes better than other products.

Also included are packaged products such as canned vegetables and dried fruit. Experts recommend spending most of your organic food dollars on produce, as it is most likely to contain pesticides.

Consumer Reports, February ; vol Organic foods are often more expensive than nonorganic foods. To maximize your organic food dollar, the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.

However, the situation is different in the industrial and developed regions, where food is often produced with the use of various kinds of preservatives, chemicals, nutrients, and other external ingredients, which can cause harm to the body. Animals had an undetermined amount of daily outdoor access.

In the United States, there also exists strict requirements for the products labeled as organic: Those who reside in agricultural regions with a low density of population have a possibility to eat natural products that they grow on their own, or which at least contain little or no artificial nutrients.

She recommends focusing on eating food grown close to where you live. The web site also notes that the Food Quality Protection Act set tougher standards to protect infants and children from pesticide risks.

The Benefits of Organic Food

Though the price of organic products is often higher than regular ones, its safety, healthiness, and natural origins fully compensate for this disadvantage. Today, organic foods are undeniably mainstream.

No standard definition, except for meat and poultry products, which may not contain any artificial flavoring, colors, chemical preservatives, or synthetic ingredients.

Meat, eggs, poultry, and dairy labeled "organic" must come from animals that have never received antibiotics or growth hormones.

Organic food can be seen as a better alternative, since it is more natural. Meanwhile, government standards for organic foods have been hotly contested. Regardless of whether you choose locally grown, organic, or conventional foods, the important thing is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

It should be noted the USDA has yet to set standards for organic seafood or cosmetics. Apples, baby food, bell peppers, celery, cherries, dairy, eggs, imported grapes, meat, nectarines, peaches, pears, poultry, potatoes, red raspberries, spinach, and strawberries.Sep 10,  · A recent study questions the nutritional value of organic food, but are there other benefits?

Is it smart to go organic in a time of global food shortages? Is Organic Food Worth the Expense. Essay on Speech Outline on Organic Food; Essay on Speech Outline on Organic Food. Words Apr 12th, 7 Pages. Choosing Organic Is Organic Food Worth Its Price? Sustainability and Organic Foods Essay Words | 4 Pages.

The Benefits of Organic Food It is a common fact that the human population on Earth is enormous: over 7 billion people inhabiting a relatively small planet.

Organic Food -- Is 'Natural' Worth the Extra Cost?

Aside from many other conundrums stemming from overpopulation stands a question of food supplies. Dec 02,  · The Argument for Organic MAG. February 17, The extra dollars spent on organic versus conventionally grown foods is well worth it in the long run.

I encourage everyone to buy and consume. Organic food essay is a great example for students who want to write about important issues. the problem is that little thought is put into understanding how exactly organic food is better than non-organic and whether it is worth the money it costs.

There is also the Organic Foods Production Act which lists all prohibited practices. Organic Food -- Is 'Natural' Worth the Extra Cost? 12 organic foods that are worth the expense -- and 12 that probably aren't. The sale .

Organic foods is it worth it essay
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