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Cooperative ownership of a business may include a few people or well over model cooperative business plan, depending upon the kind of business created. Investors realize that the steering committee is the group most familiar with the business plan and are most likely able to lead the new business into the start-up stage successfully.

Since the Cooperative or LLC is perpetual in existence, and ownership shares can be transferred or passed down, the business can outlive the originators.

How that committee is selected depends upon the type of business that is being considered. Make it brief; one to two pages should do. The capitalization goal will be reached if local residents believe that the business is viable based upon the information shared by the steering committee, and that the proposed business will provide essential services to them and their community, and is worthy of investment as an owner.

These committees tackle the major components that lead to the creation of an overall plan-of-work and business plan. You may wish to include here how you are going to minimise shrinkage of inventory due to theft, damage, loss or accounting errors.

Premises Describe the location, size and capacity of premises and any warehouse facilities. Insurance Describe the insurance that the co-operative has and will be getting.

What is the problem?

How to Form a Farmer's Cooperative Business Plan

What will be the outcomes? Keep in mind the democratic nature of your co-operative and its social purpose; make it the focus of your actions. Registrations and licences List the registrations and licences that the co-operative has.

Plan for staff selection and recruitment, duties and salary policies, performance monitoring, training, health and safety policies, technologies, record-keeping, banking, taxation, accounts payable and receivable, meeting legal obligations, finding suitable premises and office equipment, use of professionals, service to customers, orders and delivery management, promoting innovation, further research and development, meeting schedules, developing a co-operative culture, appropriate management style, working with members and directors, conflict resolution, compliance with regulations and inspections, and alliances with other co-operatives.

Management Typically, the founding members lead a cooperative with legal, technical and financial consultants brought in when necessary. Describe plans to upgrade the model cooperative business plan or service or increase the range on offer. The plan should include several key components that show your group has studied the market and is in agreement on the types of services the cooperative will provide.

Some co-ops provide immediate payment for delivery of products so the members can put the money right back into their farms. Consider listing the equipment in two tables: The shareholder elects the board and directs their comments and suggestions to the board of directors.

Cooperative ownership of a business can help provide essential business services to a community. Explain how the co-op plans to differ from individual farms, such as by accessing wholesalers and restaurants that would be difficult to reach by single farmers.

Both board members and owner members must understand and accept their roles in the development of the cooperative business. List any intellectual property protection sought to avoid duplication by competitors.BUSINESS PLAN 2 Executive Summary High Five Co‐op is a grassroots effort to create Michigan’s first cooperative brewery.

One of its founding members got. APPENDIX B. The co-operative model business plan. This appendix provides a model business plan outline. Make the plan your own. Your cooperative is unique in many ways so you don’t want the business plan to look just like everyone else’s; you want it to be an expression of your co-operative’s unique structure, products, plans, principles, values, environment and people.

ICOS, Starting a Co -operative – Business Plan Page 5 Funding Requirements What is the total funding requirements to deliver the proposed product or service that the co-operative intend to deliver?

Microsoft Word - FINAL - New Co-op Business Plan Oregon State University Small Farms: Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative, A Model for Cooperative Farming and Marketing; "How to Form a Farmer's Cooperative Business Plan." Small Business.

What is a Co-op? - National Cooperative Business Association. CO-OP BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE VISION A vision is a picture that vividly represents what the co-operative enterprise can become in the future.

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Model cooperative business plan
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