Ict revision notes it project management essay

This program was to be continued tillbut it has been extended, covering more number of cities. This change in family structure is a direct result of urbanisation. Unsafe garbage disposal is one of the critical problem in urban areas and garbage management always remained a major challenge.

It found that around one out of every six households in urban India The drainage system in many unorganized colonies and slums are either not existing and if existing are in a bad shape and in bits resulting in blockage of waste water.

Factors that affect the location of a business.

Also the rates are very high, which are not affordable and other irregularities are also in practice. Introduction to Metro trains in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. This scheme will broaden the reach of internet services to the rural areas in the country.

There are glaring disparities between haves and have-nots in urban areas. Its feature can be: MyGov is a technology-driven platform that would provide people with the opportunity to contribute towards good governance.

There are two sources of municipal revenue i. The health condition of urban poor in some areas are even more adverse compared to rural areas. Private players are more agile, offering better incentives to farmers compared to the cooperative.

All the information of the Government would be made available on the internet. But it was not passed and was finally passed in as 74th constitutional amendment act and came into force in The revision history uses colors to highlight and tracks changes to any Google Doc, making it easy to see what each student has contributed to the big picture.

The fundamental features of this scheme will be making the records handy to the government with ease. First, the states have not given enough autonomy to ULBs to generate revenues and Second in some case the ULBs have failed to utilize even those tax and fee powers that they have been vested with.

The live applications can be downloaded and installed free of cost on a mobile phone by any person. Economic poverty is not the only cause of digital divide. It is applicable to all slums in the city whether notified or non-notified.

E-governance in India: Concept, Initiatives and Issues

Train farmers on hygiene habits for milk collection. The cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru have accounted for What measures has government taken in this regard.

Regional imbalance Bulk of new capacity in the period in last decade, has been established in the Northern states, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Tax on inputs In earlier times, dairy industry had been subjected to octroi and sales tax etc. USSD acts as a trigger for the application Government initiatives for m-governance Mobile Seva It aims to provide government services to the people through mobile phones and tablets.

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Ict revision notes it project management essay
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