Federal land up for budget grabs essay

California lawmakers argued the VA would need the land in the future. The Los Angeles land was donated to the government in to serve disabled veterans returning from the Civil War.

Federal Land Up for Budget Grabs

Senate leaders inched toward a compromise package while House Republicans planned a largely symbolic vote next week on a budget cutting proposal that is unlikely to clear the Senate or be signed by President Barack Obama.

But the California lawmakers prevailed on a vote. Or, should we wisely use our own natural resources to become less dependent on foreign sources? This area will be off-limits to scientific investigation, petroleum exploration, and commercial fishing. However a study by the Arizona Geological Survey shows this worry to be far-fetched.

The VA considered plans for development in and again four years later—but each time, local interest groups resisted action. Eric Cantor, the No. The Washington Times opined: The rationale is that such mining could contaminate the Colorado River. The idea of selling properties remains under consideration as part of the deficit package now being negotiated, officials said.

However, most of the reports prepared for the listing determination do not identify mining activities as a significant threat and instead point to wildfires and invasive species as the greatest threats.

Federal Land Grabs Hurt Economy And Trample Property Rights

Arizona has a Federally-imposed year moratorium on new mining claims near the Grand Canyon, an area rich in uranium. It could be worth billions. Then Congress would vote either yes or no to the whole package, making it harder for lawmakers to protect home-state favorites.

Some properties marked for sale have little or no value—a supply shed or air-traffic control tower. Other sections are leased to film studios, a Marriott laundry facility and a pair of theaters.

This designation did not sit well with the local people. Earlier this year, the White House proposed a new process for selling properties akin to how the government closes military bases. Obama has established or expanded 19 national monuments, taking million acres of land and placing it under control of the federal government.

Department of Veteran Affairs On Friday, there were only slight signs of progress in the budget talks as congressional leaders huddled with their members to ascertain what kind of deal might pass. Despite the stalemate, previously undisclosed plans—to raise funds by offloading valuable government-owned properties—are up for discussion.

Read letter Do you want such policy to continue? But during a June meeting, none of that mattered. But in reality, officials say, red tape and the costs of shuttering a building, as well as allaying local concerns, have stymied such efforts in the past.

Critics say the administration simply wants to expand government control across the country. Inthe California congressional delegation succeeded in passing legislation barring the sale of the parcel.The federal budget is an exercise in making choices, and those options will certainly affect individuals living in the U.S.

These choices cause debt to pile up on the government, who is struggling to make it. Free Essay: The Federal Budget The federal budget is known as the infamous monetary tank from which money is distributed to various programs. Why does the Home Page; Writing; Essay on The Federal Budget; Essay on The Federal Budget.

legislative bills that determine the total amount of spending are divided up among fifteen separate. Federal Land Grabs Hurt Economy And Trample Property Rights TOPICS: Antiquity Act economy Endangered Species Act federal Grabs hurt land property Rights Trample By: Jonathan DuHamel November 6, Apr 02,  · Our Land, Up for Grabs.

By Will Rogers. the United States Senate voted 51 to 49 to support an amendment to a nonbinding budget resolution to sell or give away all federal lands. Feds Should Stop Digging a Budget Hole and Quit the Land Grabs.

Hannah Downey; Reed Watson; June 19, The practical effect of those acquisitions has been to spread the budget for federal land maintenance too thin over too many acres, particularly for the National Park Service.

the agency cannot keep up as new units are added and. Federal Land Up for Budget Grabs. By. hunting for savings in the federal budget, recently came upon a juicy target: a acre tract of land in the heart of ritzy West Los Angeles.

Federal land up for budget grabs essay
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