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Cotton-Grave Farm management a "Farm Management Plan Report" to clients each spring which gives the acreage layout and a summary of the crop inputs. Cotton-Grave selects the farm tenant.

Established in 196

We try at all times to be fair in our dealing with them and as a result, have developed a cordial and trusting business relationship with them. Pieces of infected plant material, manure and […] Beekeepers urged to adopt Biosecurity Code of Practice All commercial and hobby beekeepers are being urged to adopt the Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice to keep their bees healthy and to safeguard honey bee and pollination dependent industries.


A fluffy story prompts a serious reminder August 16, A loose ram wandering an outer suburb of Canberra may have captured the imaginations of local residents, but has prompted Animal Health Australia to issue a reminder to sheep producers about the importance of biosecurity, starting with a good fence.

No matter what the project, AG Farm Management has the experience necessary to ensure projects are Farm management the right way, and in a Farm management manner. Customer service in farm management, land sales, and investments is how Cotton-Grave has built its reputation since our establishment in Read More Our Staff Use our expertise to maximize landowner returns while growing our business so that we create win-win solutions for all involved.

What is farm biosecurity?

He spent six years in Pipestone, Minnesota, and four years in Spencer, Iowa, as a farm manager, appraiser, and farm realtor with Farmers National Company of Omaha, Nebraska.

Causing inflammation of the male reproductive organs, OB can result in infertility in some affected rams and in some cases, has been associated with abortion and […] Biosecurity basics: We feel this policy benefits owners.

Inhe formed his own farm management, real estate, and appraisal business. People can unintentionally carry pest or disease-causing organisms on unwashed footwear, bringing them on to your farm without even realising it. We have a thorough understanding of the productivity of soils and the ability to project the production potential and rate of return from each farm.

All properties—big Farm management small—are important to us, meaning each client, tenant, seller or landowner gets specialized attention and consultation for their property.

Sharon is also active in her church and community projects. This gives us a unique ability to both effectively market a farm and analyze potential purchases for investors. Community Center, Royal, IA Farm management combined with personal farming experience gives AG Farm Management a leg up on the competition.

Cotton-Grave will monitor and report to the owner the farm and crop conditions throughout the year. We also send an "Annual Farm Management Report" to clients which represents our perspective of agricultural conditions throughout the year.

Make your own footbath August 10, Dirty boots can pose a very real risk to your property. Cotton-Grave will handle all accounting, deposit receipts, and pay all bills, including real estate taxes and insurance.

Soil-borne pests like phylloxera, anthrax, Panama disease and weed seeds are carried in dirt and mud. Read More Our Services Providing cutting edge solutions through the use of modern farming technology and conservative portfolio management to maximize landowner profits and long-term sustainability.

The company enjoyed rapid growth managing farm properties in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Preference is given to working with the existing tenant unless conditions dictate a change.

Farm Management Clients of Cotton-Grave Farm Management include local and absentee landowners, investors, trusts, estates, and conservatorships. Abben remained active until his death in Contact What We Do Providing cutting edge solutions through the use of modern farming technology and conservative portfolio management to maximize landowner profits and long-term sustainability.

Read More What We Offer Use our expertise to maximize landowner returns while growing our business so that we create win-win solutions for all involved. Sharon Strough joined the firm in as the business manager.

He served as a bank director for 39 years. Contact Us Established in We have a number of investors and producers actively seeking the purchase of farmland and have had considerable experience in assisting sellers and buyers effect exchanges.

He joined with John Cotton in This article highlights some key ways you can strengthen your overall biosecurity, […].

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Let us know how we can help. We negotiate a crop share or cash rent lease, whichever is most beneficial for the owner. We have seen it, experienced it and managed through it. June 12 - Each year Cotton-Grave hosts a farm tenants meeting in which highly respected resource people give presentations on a variety of technology and business topics.

Gary Grave joined the firm on January 1, Financial reports are sent at midyear and in December. Read More Whether it is buying, selling or management you need, AG Farm Management has the professionals to make it happen.Welcome to South Central Iowa.

Farm Business Management

Kent Farm Management and Real Estate specializes in the marketing and management of agricultural land in South Central Iowa as well as meeting the needs of people wishing to live in a friendly small town atmosphere.

Water is the most critical input on a farm today but it's one that many farmers struggle to properly manage. Growers can increase crop yields by 30 percent in the first year through an effective water management strategy. manage your farm health, safety & compliance from one easy-to-use dashboard.

We specialize in farmland asset management, providing personalized service to assist our clients in meeting their farmland ownership and investment goals.

AG Farm Management

Cotton Grave:Customer service in Farm Management, Land Sales & Investments, and Rural Appraisals is what Cotton Grave has built its 40 year reputation around. The primary emphasis of Farm Business Management is to assist farm families in meeting their business and personal goals through quality farm records and sound business decisions.

Farm management
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