Essays on the usa patriot act

What are the major provisions of the Patriot Act Signed into law by the President on October 26, the Patriot Act is designed to fight terrorism on several fronts. It is pertinent to mention that civil freedom of American citizens is not only important during wartimes but also in the period of peace, as such the Patriot Act preserves both.

Within a month, U. December 14, By: You have lost track of the hours spent.

December 19, By: Imagine someone coming to your house and accusing you of partaking in anti-American activities. Traditionally, privacy and liberty of American citizens was considered a top priority compared with the national security.

The law enforcers of our country are now capable of monitoring the citizens in ways most people are not aware of. In addition to tracking cellular-telephone communication, agents can now subpoena Internet providers to surrender records of e-mails that they judge suspicious.

Directing a library, bookstore or newspaper to produce "tangible things," e.

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Within a month, U. Without concrete information, forces are unable to strike enemy and accomplish their objectives. Some of the major areas of contention are as follows It is very simple to get this court order, because it originally just recorded the phone numbers made by a selected person.

Preserving Life and Liberty In the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11,Congress sprang into action. The changed bill support law enforcement agencies in using the tools provided by the Act not only in terrorism but also monitor and check illicit drug activities aiming to protect civil rights of Americans.

Extensive and wide discretion of searching has been given to the government providing access to educational, financial, and health records. Essay on The U.

Essay on The U.S. Patriot Act

The Patriot Act also sanctioned funds to triple the number of border-patrol agents and Immigration and Naturalization Service inspectors along the northern border.In response to the September 11, attacks, The USA PATRIOT Act was quickly developed as a means by which the government could hope to put an end to terrorism.

USA Patriot is an acronym for "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct /5(11). Essay on The U.S. Patriot Act Introduction. The dreadful and terrifying events of September 11 necessitated and increased government's responsibility to take effective measures for preserving lives of the people and ensuring independence of the society.

There is a need for checks and balances in the USA Patriot Act to protect the American citizens. There are two hundred ninety pages in the USA Patriot Act; many of these pages are discussing subjects that change the rights of American citizens forever.4/4(1).

- USA Patriot Act The USA Patriot Act, actually named the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism act, was created to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United State and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes.

The Usa Patriot Act: Preserving Life and Liberty

The Patriot Act was designed to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world and to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools (USA Patriot Act, ).

Honestly I believe that the Patriot Act is beneficial to America, in order to keep everyone safe and unharmed. Oct 05,  · The USA Patriot Act The United States of America is a country that is based upon a principle of balancing the rights of an individual, while still preserving public order.

The U.S.

Patriot Act

Constitution (specifically the Bill of Rights) guarantees every American certain Individual rights.

Essays on the usa patriot act
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