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The whole notion of things intellectual is really — if truth be told — pretty much of a puzzle to them. DepEd must first solve the lack of classrooms, furniture and equipment, qualified teachers, and error-free textbooks. As far as the curriculum is concerned, DepEd should fix the current subjects instead of adding new ones.

Why are they not energized by intellectual questions? Those who are against the new program believed that it would be better if we address the problems we mentioned earlier rather than to jump into a new approach that will surely stretch out instead the economic hardship of the poor parents in this country.

Sabi ng Kabataan, sa mag-aaral ng pumapasok sa Grade One, 66 lamang ang nakakatapos ng Grade six. Read this article to know the benefits of a K education in the Philippines. If it sounds good or looks good, then it is good. Several groups continue to protest against the proposed change.

Of course, the basic problem of an anti-theoretical, antiintellectual orientation is not by any means confined to the K community. K leadership must be local, unflappable, and long-suffering. We live, rather, in an age of rampant subjectivity, in which people think they have a natural right to think or believe whatever they want, irrespective of evidence, knowledge, or quality of reasoning.

Mababawasan ang mga gustong pumasok sa mga unibersidad na magiging hudyat ng lalong pagbawas sa badyet ng edukasyon. With a K education, Filipino professionals who aspire to work abroad will not have a hard time getting jobs in their chosen field.

Print Page Change Text Size: Teachers attended trainings about the new curriculum and new lessons. Far from being disadvantageous, however, DepEd states that young adults graduating at age 18 or so will be more prepared to take on their tertiary education.

More Skilled and Competent Labor Force Another reason to support K education is because the graduates of this program will be more prepared to enter the labor force.

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But language itself would be unintelligible without abstractions. The new K curriculum guide requires all Filipino students to have one year of kindergarten, six years of elementary schooling grades 1 to 6four years of junior high school grades 7 to 10and two years of senior high school grades 11 to It will be a great burden on the part of the parents since they that have to shell out more money for the education of their children.

Nasa 10, lamang ang target na idagdag na guro dahil di sapat ang badyet sa edukasyon nitong Below is an outline of the K to 12 basic curriculum photo: The adaptation of the K to 12 curriculum guide means that students will graduate a bit older compared to those who graduated under the year education cycle.Benefits of the K curriculum for Filipino students!

Mariel Uyquiengco. The K curriculum is more than just adding years to your child's schooling. Read this article to know the benefits of a K education in the Philippines. A recent change in the Philippines’ educational system was implemented starting in The K. Is the Government Ready for K? 3 years passed when our mindset on mother tongue was unessential, pre-schooling was optional and the year Basic Education Cycle was boondoggle – wherein more by Ionacer_Viper in Types > Creative Writing.

This Editorial was written by Richard Paul and published in Education Week, May 29, Go to top. Editorials: The Practical Impractical (k) Sublinks: An Interview with Linda Elder About Using Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools An Interview with Linda Elder: About Critical Thinking and Gifted Education.

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Apr 25,  · Why Does the Philippines Need the K Education System?

Editorials: The Practical Impractical (k-12)

Updated on September 2, AT Abueva. more. Since K+12 Education system was already implemented by our government, I believe that debating about whether or not to implement it is no longer rational. business-mindedness and computer age skills such as writing Reviews: May 06,  · So, we can't really say whether the Department of Education (DepEd) is on the right track when it wanted to implement the K+12 program this opening.

Editorial writing about k+12
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