Ch 12 political space

The federal civil service was created by: D the need for a national judiciary. Americans generally hold a negative view of the bureaucracy.

Political Parties

They were responding to public demands for bureaucratic reform. False About how many federal regulations are issued each year?

Americans regularly encounter the work of the bureaucracy as part of their everyday lives. The store of knowledge, personnel, and institutions for implementing policy is called: A principal consequence of limits on salaries and promotions in the civil service is that: C are decreasing in number over the past ten years.

B are generally on the fence about their presidential candidate preferences. The same organization that does many important things can also be inefficient and wasteful.

D major parties are more similar in their issue positions. False Americans support smaller government in the abstract but do not support cuts to the large programs that would be necessary to shrink the federal budget and bureaucracy.

All of the following can influence how Americans view the bureaucracy except: Americans disliked having government officials who were not elected.

Which of the following statements best describes how Americans view the bureaucracy? False Which of the following was a significant expansion of government action into a new policy area during the Great Society?

B trust in the major parties is low. New Deal Which of the following groups of employees is the largest part of the federal workforce? During the rule-making process, bureaucrats often take into account the views of legislators for all of the following reasons except: True When it comes to expertise in a policy area, most bureaucrats are not much different than the average member of Congress or political appointee.

Political Science Chapter 12 Regulatory capture involves situations in which: F Typically, Democrats have been better fundraisers than Republicans F A party platform must not only outline its own policy but also compare it to that of the other party, whether explicitly or implicitly T Perhaps in an attempt to appeal to African American voters, President George W.

Political Science Chapter 12

E they concentrate on winning national office, not state and local elections. The range of policy areas in which the government intervened expanded. It can try to reorganize as an independent agency. E the failure of citizens to join the parties of their choice. Department of Defense What is the smallest cabinet department?

C they have a dynamic candidate. Generally, the platforms of prominent third parties are folded into the platforms of the parties with which they share similar ideologies T Republicans and Democrats have been in the White House roughly an equal amount of time since Their primary responsibility is putting government policies into practice on a daily basis.

The group can seek to replace the civil servants in charge of developing the regulations. Congress can step in and change things during the notice and comment procedure Most political appointees in the bureaucracy are there: True Although some presidential and congressional decisions are specific, many leave room for interpretation by bureaucrats.

D vote most frequently for independent candidates. Bush appointed a record number of African American federal judges F Wealthy individuals are more likely to vote for Republicans than Democrats.

E are always disinterested in politics. Medicare Which of the following departments was NOT part of the bureaucracy in early American history?

True Which of the following describes a situation in which legislators pay close attention to a bureaucracy with consistent fact-finding trips, interviews, audits, and calls? According to the text, what is the paradox of the federal bureaucracy?

C the formation of political factions. What was the principal bureaucratic change that occurred during the New Deal?Chapter 12 Political Parties.

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Study 47 Ch. 12 flashcards from Ingrid H. on StudyBlue. Which of the following describes a situation in which legislators monitor a bureaucratic organization only after someone complains or a problem of implementation has been brought to their attention?

AP Gov: ch 12 Political Parties. The first organized political party in the United States was the ____ Party. A) Democratic-Republican B) Whig C) Federalist D) National Republican E) Anti-Federalist.

AP Gov: ch 12 Political Parties

C. The Republican Party nominated its first presidential candidate, ____, in Chapter 12 the political ordering of space. STUDY. PLAY. political geography. a branch of human geography concerned with the spatial analysis of political phenomena. national soverignty.

what must many international alliances often require the surrender of at least a portion of? state. CHAPTER 12 POLITICAL PARTIES Narrative Lecture Outline What is a Political Party? At the most basic level, a political party is a group of office holders, candidates, activists, Political parties have changed a lot over the years, but remain reliable vehicles of mass participation.

Parties have adapted to changing conditions, just as the. AP Human Geography Political Organization of Space % Ch. Cities and Urban Land Use % Rubenstein Ch. 12,13 days Exam Review and Preparation Study Guide Ch.

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Ch 12 political space
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