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Many have no drinking water. These are some of the causes of the inability to read or Cause illiteracy essay Many do not have knowledge about food and nutrition.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The reverse is true for those who have been brought up by parents with an elaborate educational background.

Spends less money on education as compared to other developing countries. They are forced to choose between providing basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing and taking their children to school. Similarly, an illiterate person remains blindfolded to the charms of the world of learning and knowledge.

The number of illiterate people in urban areas tends to be lower than that of those in rural areas. If the children are not educated their natural talent and qualities suppressed throughout their lives and they are unable to express themselves.

That is why we are lagging behind in all respects than many other nations. In societies where the caste system is still in force, those who fall into the wrong caste may not get the opportunity to go to school.

Non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and other concerned parties should put in place deliberate measures to create awareness in the society and reduce the number of people who are unable to read and write.

They can spend their spare time and holidays in helping illiterate people to become literate, teaching them the habits of hygiene and sanitation.

This is especially true in remote areas where many people in the older generation have not gone through formal education.

What Are the Causes of Illiteracy in India?

We have also to make our people aware of the importance of education. Once more people in a society are literate, that society tends to develop further capacities, and further value literacy.

Thus, one could easily argue that the increase in literacy is directly correlated with positive economic growth.

Poverty & Illiteracy Essay Sample

The lessons learned and the experiences that a person goes through while in school prepares him or her for life in the society. In rural areas there is no proper furniture or buildings and no teachers there. The dropout rate among Indians is high.

Many illiterate people are thus underpaid, underemployed or unemployed. One can learn problem-solving skills and develop social intelligence necessary to overcome everyday life challenges.

We live in a world where the job market favors people who are properly educated with useful skills to drive company growth. Lack of access to education facilities in rural areas has contributed a lot to the high number of illiterate people in these places.

Students are the builders of a nation.Short Essay on Illiteracy in India Category: National Issues of India On November 25, By Bijoy Basak That literacy is the basic requirement of economic development has been recognized throughout the world and hence literacy has reached around 99% in countries of Japan, South Korea, USA, UK, Germany, France, etc.

Model Essay #1. Model Cause, Effect, and Solution Research Essay Prompt: What are some causes and effects of illiteracy? Title: Understanding and Solving the Problem of Illiteracy If we can send a people to the moon, should not every person on earth have the ability and opportunity to read and write well?

Short Essay on Illiteracy in India

Knowing how to read and write, or being. What Are the Causes of Illiteracy in India? A: Quick Answer. Issues in the educational system, unequal opportunities for poor versus wealthy children, high dropout rates, lack of properly trained educators and poverty are all contributors to the.

• A cause and effect essay shows the reader the • relationship between something that happens (cause) and its consequences (effect), or between actions and results.

Illiteracy Essay

There are different kinds of cause and effect essay for example:. The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Topics in this paper there are many problems that have to be dealt with.

One of those problems is illiteracy. The number of people who cannot read or write is rising quickly. These are the kind of parents who cause part of the 3/5(4). Illiteracy: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Consequences and Solutions. Category: Social Issues in India On October 15, This can be the cause of illiteracy more so where a child has difficulty reading or writing because of dyslexia.

In a situation where the family does not understand the child’s condition, it may simply be assumed that he or.

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Cause illiteracy essay
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