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Quartering, instilling the harsh new British laws, Boston massacre essay question taking jobs placed British soldiers as enemies prior to the American Revolution in Boston. Eyewitnesses presented contradictory evidence on whether Preston had ordered his men to fire on the colonists.

Two of them — Hugh Montgomery and Matthew Kilroy — were found guilty of manslaughter and were branded on the thumbs as first offenders per English law. To better understand why this British officer did not give the command to fire on the crowd one must first look into the situations in Boston leading up to March 5th This small crowd was made up of young men mostly and they began throwing ice and snowballs at the British sentry This did not sit well with the colonists.

Inform students that they will examine the Boston Massacre from many different points of view, and then attempt to answer a the historical question: Paul Revere encouraged anti-British attitudes by etching a now-famous engraving depicting British soldiers callously murdering American colonists.

Adams was no fan of the British but wanted Preston and his men to receive a fair trial. The British soldier did not take well to this comment and eventually returned with some of his soldier counterparts and a fight ensued6.

The victims were troublemakers who got more than they deserved. Provide time for students to read the primary sources, examine the artwork, and discuss with their partner s the varying perspectives of the Boston Massacre.

Explain to students that they will examine the primary resources and use them to help form and support an opinion on who was to blame for the Boston Massacre. To truly answer this question the eye witness accounts of both sides must be reviewed.

Boston Massacre

The soldiers in Boston in many cases caught the brunt of this anger. From here on the here say and controversy really begins. Boston Massacre Trials This is a more advanced essay that looks not at the Massacre itself but at the trial that followed the incident.

Court trial—Have students research the various perspectives and eye-witness accounts of the Boston Massacre, then stage a trial in which the views of both sides are heard and a judge decides who was to blame. Preston wrote his version of the events from his jail cell for publication, while Sons of Liberty leaders such as John Hancock and Samuel Adams incited colonists to keep fighting the British.

If given the full command to fire, all of the muskets would have fired at the same time; however, the shots did not in fact go off at the same time22, thus proving that Captain Thomas Preston did not in fact give the command to fire into the crowd.

Boston Massacre Fueled Anti-British Views Within hours, Preston and his soldiers were arrested and jailed and the propaganda machine was in full force on both sides of the conflict. However, with the contradictory testimony of the prosecution and the sensible testimony given by that of captain Thomas Preston it is clear that Thomas Preston did not in fact give the order to fire on the Bostonian crowd.

Events Leading to "The Boston Massacre" In this essay the author presents a patriotic and emotional description of the events that lead to the famous protest.

Following, Garrick being a struck a group of people moved to assist Garrick. It was later determined that Revere had copied his engraving from one made by Boston artist Henry Pelham. Have students pay particular attention to how they sign their letters:The “Boston Massacre” was the iconic nickname of a riot in Boston that led to British soldiers firing upon of colonists on March 5th We will write a custom essay sample on Boston Massacre.

American History Boston Massacre Essay Boston Massacre Essay The Boston Massacre was an extremely important event in American History. Also, it is a very controversial topic. Also, it is a very controversial topic.

Boston Massacre essays This essay is a short look at an event in American History that at times as been to say the least maybe a bit over blown. What would later be called The Boston Massacre, wasn't your conventional massacre in that the body count was not in excessive amounts with the street.

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Boston Massacre research papers discuss the street fight between Boston townspeople and a squad of British redcoat soldiers that led to the deaths of five Americans and a celebrated trial. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Official History and Citizenship Website

Essay about Was The Boston Massacre Really a Massacre? - On March 5,an event occurred in Boston, which consisted of British troops shooting upon colonists. People refer to this as a massacre, but they only look at one side of the story.

Boston massacre essay question
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