Ananta bijoy das writing a letter

Bloggers pay for freedom of speech through their lives

Minority religious expression is now conspicuous by its absence. Then I took a small laguna a human haulier and started heading towards the Khilgaon rail crossing. The attacks are just categorically unacceptable, insofar as it is absolutely wrong for a person to be murdered for expressing his own opinions in a peaceful way.

This narrowing of acceptable beliefs is as costly and chilling to the diverse, rich variety of Islamic traditions as to the non-believer. One month after the killing of Avijit Roy, another blogger named Washiqur Rahman Babu was hacked to death by a group of assailants at Begunbari of Tejgoan industrial area of the city on March Works Cited Agence France-Presse.

Moral implications Morally speaking, there are really only two positions that can be taken with respect to the attacks against the secularist bloggers in Bangladesh. The government, obviously, is treading a fine line.

A sociological perspective From the sociological perspective, it would not be inaccurate in this context to speak of a fundamental clash of cultures or even civilizations. Expressing mounting concern about the escalating pattern of attacks on writers and journalists in Bangladesh, which has culminated recently in the shocking murder of writer, editor and blogger Ananta Bijoy Das; Seeking assurances that all attacks and threats against writers and journalists are vigorously investigated so that those responsible can be brought to justice; Demanding that all necessary steps are taken to protect writers at risk in the country.

The bloggers tried to hold aloft the flag of secularism, tolerance and liberalism, despite the threat and intimidation by the tiny but extremely dangerous Islamist groups. The attack seemed to be an imitation of a previous murder in the year of another atheist blogger, Ahmed Rajib Haider.

In Bangladesh, there is huge stigma attached to not being part of a religious community. Some days ago, another passionate blogger by the name of Avijit Roy was also smothered by the fundamentalists, who can not tolerate any mildly atheistic or secular views.

The previous month blogger Asif Mohiuddin was stabbed near-fatally and hospitalized. The emerging perception, essentially, is that the Bangladeshi government itself seems to implicitly condone the attacks against secularists by not playing a more aggressive role in preventing such attacks from happening in the first place.

Conclusion From this point, one can enter into pragmatic considerations of how the bloggers perhaps should or should not have conducted themselves, given their knowledge of their cultural environment.

The first happened on the 26th of Februarywhen the atheist blogger Avijit Roy was murdered with machetes by Islamic fundamentalists who resented his work and believed it to be blasphemy.

BANGLADESH: Mounting concern for the safety of writers

Many who had rallied the Shabagh protests were atheists. Washiqur Rahman The target of the second attack was Washiqur Rahman, another blogger who espoused atheist views.

There have also been protests within Bangladesh itself: This is the basic idea that underlies all of the recent attacks by fundamentalists against secularists across the planet, and it is the idea that ties the murders of the bloggers in Bangladesh to a broader sociological problem that is affecting the whole globe in general.

ABT also uses mosques in propagating its ideological objectives.After office, I came to Gulistan on a Raja City Bus around 7pm yesterday after attending a rally of the Gonojagoron Moncho organised to protest the “murder of Ananta Bijoy Das” in the afternoon.

Then I took a small laguna (a human haulier) and started heading towards the Khilgaon rail crossing. Prior to his death, Ananta Bijoy Das had reportedly received a number of death threats from Islamist militants, and his name had appeared in two assassination lists published in the Bangladeshi media, alongside those of other secular bloggers described as anti-Islamic and blasphemous.

Ananta Bijoy Das. Finally, a third attack occurred on the 12th of May. Morally speaking, there are really only two positions that can be taken with respect to the attacks against the secularist bloggers in Bangladesh.

"The Attacks on the Secularist Bloggers in Bangladesh." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services. Ultius Blog, Bloggers pay for freedom of speech through their lives. The most victim of such murderous mindset was Ananta Bijoy Das of Sylhet province.

He is not alone to be the subject of the fundamentalis’ fury. grammar exercises, précis, essay and letter writing help, sentence correction exercises, and help for answering comprehension exercises. “No one with a free mind can limit themselves within the walls of narrow-mindedness,” Ananta Bijoy Das wrote hours before his death.

Earlier this week, as he left for work, Ananta Bijoy Das. Press the U.S. Government. If you live in the U.S., you can write your elected officials and the Obama administration to let them know that you care deeply about protecting the right to freedom of expression and want the U.S.

government to take a strong stand for this right in the global arena.

Ananta bijoy das writing a letter
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